What should you choose between direct and indirect prostitution?

In contrast to popular belief, sex work is a pretty wide field when it comes to the types of jobs it offers. From being a cam girl to a porn performer to selling your body on the streets,there are a myriad of different opportunities to make a living. Sure, it all comes with a price. Many consider sex workers as immoral, at risk of STIs, and, overall, shady people. However, that’s just the stigma that follows the profession, and it’s about time we move away from it.


Selling sex is hard work. It’s not exactly what most people dream about when young, but it pays the bills and provides food on the table. Therefore, who are we to argue against it if it’s safe and consensual? No one. That’s who. 


So, there are many types of female sex workers. They include call girls, brothel workers, escort ladies,

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