What should you choose between direct and indirect prostitution?

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In contrast to popular belief, sex work is a pretty wide field when it comes to the types of jobs it offers. From being a cam girl to a porn performer to selling your body on the streets,there are a myriad of different opportunities to make a living. Sure, it all comes with a price. Many consider sex workers as immoral, at risk of STIs, and, overall, shady people. However, that’s just the stigma that follows the profession, and it’s about time we move away from it.


Selling sex is hard work. It’s not exactly what most people dream about when young, but it pays the bills and provides food on the table. Therefore, who are we to argue against it if it’s safe and consensual? No one. That’s who. 


So, there are many types of female sex workers. They include call girls, brothel workers, escort ladies, and many more. Still, they all form two categories of prostitution — direct and indirect.

First, Why Should You Choose Prostitution?

Before we start talking about the two main types of sex work, let’s explore the reasons why people engage in selling sexual services. The first and obvious reason is that prostitution is their only choice of making money. Many sex workers come from extreme poverty and are practically grasping at straws to escape their surroundings. This is where things can get shady and connect with human trafficking.


However, it’s not just about being poor and out of options. A solid number of prostitutes are well-off before joining in. Being a prostitute allows for flexible working hours. Moreover, it pays better than most other jobs that people without higher education or specific skills opt to pursue. Furthermore, a certain number of sex workers are in the industry because they enjoy sex so much that prostitution is the best way to have as much as possible. 

The Two Types of Prostitution

As we’ve said, there are many types of sex work out there. Namely, there are at least 25 different careers in this branch of the sex industry. But all of them can combine into two major groups — direct and indirect. Let’s now look into some of them, shall we?

Direct Prostitution

    • Street hookers work in public, say streets and parks, and offer their services in alleys, vehicles, or short-stay premises (motel and hotel rooms).
    • Brothel workers engage in sex at dedicated places. They are more secure and often have permission from the local authorities.
  • Escort ladies come in contact with clients over the phone or hotel staff. Their services are costlier, and the business is pretty undercover.
  • CB radio sex workers drive along highways and exchange slang messages with other drivers to meet and have sex. This is a U.S.-only thing.

Indirect Prostitution

  • BDSM prostitutes are common in wealthier countries. They have private dungeons where they meet with clients and provide them with their fantasies.
  • Lap dancing isn’t necessarily sex work, so it’s an indirect form. It doesn’t have to involve sexual services, only erotic dancing.
  • Massage parlor workers mostly do just massage, but in some countries, typically East Asia, they provide sexual services, too.
  • Swinger clubs are no strangers to employing sex workers if there’s a lack of female guests. This is common in wealthier countries in the West.

Income Differences

Engaging in sexual contact with strangers isn’t as lucrative for all workers. The income difference mostly depends on the clients you choose to pursue. For example, working truck stops across the United States won’t pay the same as working as an escort lady in five-star hotels. The reason is simple — truckers aren’t as loaded as people who stay in fancy hotels.


However, there isn’t a rule which says direct prostitution means more money than indirect prostitution. It comes down to their subtypes, your looks, and, of course, the people you engage with while working. Still, we dare argue escort pays best as it’s the most covert type of work, guaranteeing privacy, which is pretty valued when it comes to enjoying these services.

Comfortability Test

When it comes to which type of prostitution is more comfortable, the answer is pretty straightforward. Namely, indirect is always more suitable than direct if you care what others will think of your job. After all, the name says it all. Being an erotic dancer is far from doing ballet, but it’s still not the same as working the street in a shady part of town.


However, if being physically near others isn’t your thing, don’t despair. Another form of indirect prostitution is working as a phone sex lady. In essence, you sit by a phone with your clothes on and tell people what they want to hear. You talk dirty and moan without them seeing your body or face. As such, it’s by far the most comfortable type of prostitution.

Safety Concerns

Another important part of choosing which type of prostitution you’ll pursue is how dangerous your choice can potentially be. Unfortunately, it’s no secret how unsafe some forms of prostitution are. For example, working the streets is full of risks such as violent outbursts from clients, sexually transmitted diseases, and the overall legality of what you’re doing.


For female prostitution, its indirect form is safer in almost every aspect. Aside from not doing anything illegal, you work in places dedicated to this line of work and have actual security. Of course, pretty much the same goes for being an escort lady, as the job is a part of a larger organization that covers its workers and has people look out for them.

Helping You Decide

Engaging in prostitution, be it direct or indirect, has its pros and cons like any other line of work. From health care issues to safety concerns, it’s not all peaches and roses. So, which one should you choose? Well, there isn’t a simple answer. It comes down to your preferences and local opportunities.


In case you have a hard time imagining yourself selling sex to strangers but need the money, maybe it’s best to work as a cam or call-girl. The money is good and there’s no danger of someone attacking or infecting you with STIs. However, if you do love intercourse, then it’s best to go out there and have physical contact with clients you find safe.


No matter what you decide, it’s important to understand that the practice of engaging in sex for money is okay. It isn’t immoral. It pays bills, sends kids to school, and leaves food on your table. However, it must be consensual. In case you’re being pressured into doing any of these jobs, do contact authorities the first chance you get