What is a Gas Mask Fetish

 When it comes to kinks and fetishes, there’s something for everyone. So, it comes as no surprise that even gas masks can be sexy. But, what is it about a gas mask that gets people’s engines revved up? Well, there are a few different aspects that contribute to the appeal of gas masks.


Firstly, it’s about power and anonymity. Gas masks or other types of kinky face coverings can be intimidating. Anonymity can carry a certain aura and put the wearer in a powerful position. On the other hand, gas masks can also play the opposite role since they can also be used to dehumanize (not really!) the wearer and put them in a submissive position. 


Another appeal that a gas mask can provide is its ability to play a part in breathplay. It’s almost ironic since gas masks are there to help you breathe, right? Well,

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