What is a Gas Mask Fetish

 When it comes to kinks and fetishes, there’s something for everyone. So, it comes as no surprise that even gas masks can be sexy. But, what is it about a gas mask that gets people’s engines revved up? Well, there are a few different aspects that contribute to the appeal of gas masks.


Firstly, it’s about power and anonymity. Gas masks or other types of kinky face coverings can be intimidating. Anonymity can carry a certain aura and put the wearer in a powerful position. On the other hand, gas masks can also play the opposite role since they can also be used to dehumanize (not really!) the wearer and put them in a submissive position. 


Another appeal that a gas mask can provide is its ability to play a part in breathplay. It’s almost ironic since gas masks are there to help you breathe, right? Well,

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What should you choose between direct and indirect prostitution?

In contrast to popular belief, sex work is a pretty wide field when it comes to the types of jobs it offers. From being a cam girl to a porn performer to selling your body on the streets,there are a myriad of different opportunities to make a living. Sure, it all comes with a price. Many consider sex workers as immoral, at risk of STIs, and, overall, shady people. However, that’s just the stigma that follows the profession, and it’s about time we move away from it.


Selling sex is hard work. It’s not exactly what most people dream about when young, but it pays the bills and provides food on the table. Therefore, who are we to argue against it if it’s safe and consensual? No one. That’s who. 


So, there are many types of female sex workers. They include call girls, brothel workers, escort ladies,

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Planning to use a dildo during sex? Read this first

No longer do we see sex toys as taboo and pervy. They’re common in many homes around the world, and they help out single people as well as couples. But do you know how to use a dildo to its full potential? This article aims to list explore all the necessary details about these faux-cocks and help you improve your sex game by a mile.

If you’re sleeping with a man

Talk to your guy about the idea

Although there’s much less stigma around sex toys these days, talking about them with your partner can get a bit awkward. The thing is, bringing them up during a conversation about sex can affect your man’s confidence. No matter how capable he is, no one likes to wonder whether they alone are enough to satisfy you.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you take your time and explain all

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How To Make A Sex Tape That’s Actually Sexy

Adult film star Pandora Blake brings us their essential tips for filming your own porn at home

Be the porn you wish to see in the world. If genderqueer adult filmmaker Pandora Blake had a motto, that would probably be it. “I started working as a performer because I’m kinky and I really like being spanked,” they explain frankly, over the phone.

With a particular kink and a mission to diversify porn, Blake started starring in their own videos in 2006, and has since established their own production company and website Dreams of Spanking. “People with vaginas might not often see our pleasure and desires represented very much in porn that’s easy to find,” they explain. “Maybe you aren’t a skinny size eight with an athlete’s figure. Maybe you’ve got stretch marks, maybe you’ve got a little pot-belly, maybe you’ve had kids, maybe your body is something that gives you …

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How To Become A Porn Actress

It’s the sexually liberated 21st century, and lots of attractive young women are looking for ways to make great money without having to break their backs in the process. What better way to do that, in these frisky times, than to get freaky deaky on camera and become a female pornstar?

The porn industry has really taken off, and porn stars are now rivaling mainstream celebrities in terms of notoriety and public recognition. And the money a porn actress can bring in, if she’s got her branding and promotion strategy on point, can be truly life-changing.

But the way new female pornstars get huge has changed significantly since the old days. It used to be that a pretty girl (or a well-hung gent) could just answer ads for porn jobs and get the fat stacks piling up just doing videos.

These days, however, a new porn actress needs to carefully …

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Top Vibrator Games You Can Enjoy With Your Partner

Nowadays, couples want more and more fun with each other as the demands and desires of both men and women have increased.  Without anything to add spice to the sexual intercourse, it is not at all interesting but boring. To add spice to your physical relationship, there are various companies that make sex toys that can add stars to your bedtime game. There are many sex toys in the market these days that you can use in sexual intercourse and in getting the orgasm as well. One of the most popular sex toys among women in the vibrator that women often use for masturbation.

There are a number of things that you can do with the vibrator as a sex toy. If you are the one who believes that the vibrators are for the sole purpose of getting the orgasm for women, then perhaps you are wrong. This belief of …

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How to use different Sex toys in Different Sex Positions

Whether for solosex or for fun for two – we have for you once deep into the sex toy box and picked up some pretty hot devices. Sorry, could we throw a discreet look into your nightstand? Very friendly, thanks. What have we here? Tempos, condoms, hand cream, a few pamphlets, hair ties and a sleep mask. That’s it? No dildo? No vibrator? Not even massage oil with innocent apricot flavor?

Granted, sex toys belonged long in the dirty corner. But fortunately, this time is long gone. And since Sex and The City, we know that every woman should have at least one good friend in her bedside drawer. Why? The little helpers are always in the mood for you – no matter what time of the day or night. In addition, dildo, vibrator & Co. can be easily put back in the drawer after use, without being insulted that …

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Working In Porn Is Awesome, Until You Want To Find Another Job

Before I even got my driver’s license, I was an intern at a heavy metal magazine, and had the pleasure to write feature stories, critique album reviews, go to shows three times a week, and hang out with my favorite bands. Nothing surprised or shocked me (I was interviewing Marilyn Manson in his dressing room for a feature story, enough said) and I liked it that way.

So, it’s no wonder that when I got out of college, and I needed a job, that a prominent porn magazine came calling.

As the managing editor, I oversaw the articles, wrote a good portion of them, and conducted reviews of upcoming DVDs. I have to say, I had a great time. I was surrounded by the coolest, smartest, most hardworking people in any publication. I had a job that could pay the bills and then some. It was different, funny, sexy, and …

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Hottest New Porn Stars You Need to Watch

Whether you love busty blondes, slender brunettes, or exotic beauties, these are the hottest new porn stars that have gotten acclaim for their amazing on-camera action.

One of the best things about the porn industry is that there are always new porn stars to watch every single year. With a million changing faces, it’s easy to lose track of which new porn stars you should scope out. Thankfully, you can always leave it to the internet to find the hottest new porn stars to watch year after year! Best of all, you can check out the hottest new porn stars on Instagram, Snapchat, or your own favorite adult industry website. Porn never looked better!

Adria Rae

She’s adorable, she’s petite, and she has one of those faces that make you get butterflies in your stomach – she’s Adria Rae. This girl may look innocent, but that innocence isn’t what you’ll …

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How to Become a Male or Female Pornstar?

We never endorsed people yet for some reason our daily fan mail always includes same question: how do I become a pornstar? Making money while banging sluts is the ultimate fantasy of many men, but we are not talking males only. More than half of all emails came from women that want to enter adult business and start their pornstar career.

I do have few female friends that are shooting porn and a guy friend working as a producer. It might not be the best advice you will get, but it counts for something. Also, during our interview with one of the rising male pornstars, he said that it is now impossible for a guy to enter this business, unless you have connections. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you should not take his or any of the advice you get as the universal truth.

How Much Do

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