How to use different Sex toys in Different Sex Positions

Whether for solosex or for fun for two – we have for you once deep into the sex toy box and picked up some pretty hot devices. Sorry, could we throw a discreet look into your nightstand? Very friendly, thanks. What have we here? Tempos, condoms, hand cream, a few pamphlets, hair ties and a sleep mask. That’s it? No dildo? No vibrator? Not even massage oil with innocent apricot flavor?

Granted, sex toys belonged long in the dirty corner. But fortunately, this time is long gone. And since Sex and The City, we know that every woman should have at least one good friend in her bedside drawer. Why? The little helpers are always in the mood for you – no matter what time of the day or night. In addition, dildo, vibrator & Co. can be easily put back in the drawer after use, without being insulted that …

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