How to use different Sex toys in Different Sex Positions

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Whether for solosex or for fun for two – we have for you once deep into the sex toy box and picked up some pretty hot devices. Sorry, could we throw a discreet look into your nightstand? Very friendly, thanks. What have we here? Tempos, condoms, hand cream, a few pamphlets, hair ties and a sleep mask. That’s it? No dildo? No vibrator? Not even massage oil with innocent apricot flavor?

Granted, sex toys belonged long in the dirty corner. But fortunately, this time is long gone. And since Sex and The City, we know that every woman should have at least one good friend in her bedside drawer. Why? The little helpers are always in the mood for you – no matter what time of the day or night. In addition, dildo, vibrator & Co. can be easily put back in the drawer after use, without being insulted that you just wanted to have sex with them. No more and no less. Sounds good, right?

Another advantage: Who ever wanted to know what it feels like to feel a XXL penis in itself, but unfortunately only ever met with rather moderately equipped men – voila! Alone dildos are available in all imaginable sizes and thicknesses. Veined, studded or smooth, dotted, striped, made of silicone, glass and even stone: There are endless options. You should also know about the Fleshlight ways to use, tricks, positions, techniques

And quite apart from it: What speaks against trying out sex toys for two? Just because you have a partner does not mean that you have to do without a vibrator or anal plug. Many sextoys are only really fun when the other one “serves” them. Unless your partner has scandalous chastity cage which means you have to use toys for yourself.

For our research, we have scoured several sex shops and put together the hottest devices for you. Have fun clicking through!

Can there be too much of something good? Do sensations decrease when you experience them too often? Or, more specifically, can it be harmful to have too closed a relationship with your vibrator? In men who masturbate a lot, persists the myth of the so-called “death grip”. The penis is allegedly insensitive to the constant, strong stimulation and the man hanging from it gets problems with sexual intercourse but what about the clitoris? Is it possible that the frequent grip on the vibrator destroys your ability to orgasm without any additional resources?

You cannot harm your vagina by using a vibrator,” says sex therapist, “but you can make her insensitive, especially if you’re in a long session.” I am not the first to express this concern to her. He reacts as brutishly as anyone can ever respond to such a question.

“If your clitoris feels numb,” she explains, “you should wait a bit, have a cup of tea and then try again.” The onset deafness does not remain, but breaks down again. In fact, according to the expert, it can happen that one gets used to the strong vibration too much. This means that one is then dependent on stronger stimuli in order to be able to come at all. The good news: You can get that off again, for example, by relying only on his hands.

“Just turn it down and take the time to explore your vagina,” Berry advises. “If you come too fast to orgasm and maybe you do not experience a plateau or you feel like you have to focus too much and the slightest distraction causes you to start from 0 again, then you should take it easy your clitoris and enjoy the experience.”

Basically that means: relax and stop chasing the quick gratification. But as in any relationship, the psychological dependence on vibrator can be stronger than the physical one.

“You have to believe that you are able to come even without a vibrator,” explains psychosexual therapist. “If you think you can only come to orgasm with a sex toy, but have none at hand, you will almost certainly have the feeling that you cannot come.”

Believe that you do not need a battery-powered piece of plastic to get to the climax. In general, there is a rare lack of physical inability to orgasm. “After all, it’s always the case that you only achieve your goals by starting to believe that it’s possible,” Moyle concludes. If that does not sound motivating, we do not know either.

The resulting limb stiffness is obtained by a penile ring, which was previously placed in the cylinder. The doctor generally speaks of overall clinical success rate of vacuum therapy of more than 90 percent. Furthermore, the medical profession postulates that the use of a vacuum assisted assistive system would have positive effects on the synaptic pathway in the entire area of ??the neural lesions, as after a radical prostatectomy. An erectile dysfunction can be completely cured.

Erectile dysfunction and too small penis are still taboo subjects

Erectile dysfunction is a topic that men, such as women masturbation, very subtly avoid. If you ask the male world as a woman, this disorder does not exist at all. Nonetheless, there are a myriad of men who have serious problems getting and keeping a proper erection. This problem increases with age. However, there are remedies and therapy for it. One of which is locking devices popular in London, also known as chastity cages.

Are there any other options for an erection?

In addition to the use of Viagra, popular with producers of sex films, the topical medication exists by injecting the prostaglandin E1 analog into the penis. This method of injection into the erectile tissue is also called penis syringe or SKAT namely cavernous auto-injection therapy. This causes the muscles of the arteries to relax and blood flow becomes possible. The active ingredient can also be applied by means of a suppository into the urethra or applied externally.

What are the mechanical possibilities?

Basically, the penis seems allergic to mechanical impact. But it is possible to outsmart him. For one thing, there are, discovered and applied probably many thousands of years ago, the penis ring. Such a cock ring can do a lot for itself, together with a penis pump, the effect is almost scary. The cock ring prevents a backflow of the blood stagnant in the penis.

However, the best experiences, both in the long-term enlargement of a perceived as too small male genitalia as well as in erectile problems , make the men with a penis pump, which is certainly also used therapeutically. A prescribed by the doctor penis pump is regularly taken over by the health insurance companies even if the device can also be considered a toy of love.