How to Become a Male or Female Pornstar?

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We never endorsed people yet for some reason our daily fan mail always includes same question: how do I become a pornstar? Making money while banging sluts is the ultimate fantasy of many men, but we are not talking males only. More than half of all emails came from women that want to enter adult business and start their pornstar career.

I do have few female friends that are shooting porn and a guy friend working as a producer. It might not be the best advice you will get, but it counts for something. Also, during our interview with one of the rising male pornstars, he said that it is now impossible for a guy to enter this business, unless you have connections. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you should not take his or any of the advice you get as the universal truth.

How Much Do Pornstars Make?

The average range is $250 to $1,000 for a female pornstar and $200 to $500 for a male pornstar per scene. However, this is a very broad question since it’s like asking about musicians. One can make a million and another will not have enough to cover his or her bills.

If you are curious about the upper end, see our richest female and male pornstars to get an idea. I would not expect to get paid that much when you are starting, be happy for free exposure and just build your name, it’s your brand.

Should I Use My Real Name?

Absolutely not. I do know of only one pornstar that have used her full name and she regrets it. I am not talking about a shy person or just a random slut. She is a well-known pornstar that is very comfortable at being naked, talks about her job all the time, yet this is one of her regrets.

Want some pornstar name ideas? Just combine a city you were born in with your zodiac sign; your favorite color and a maiden name. Play with seasons, months, movie names and nicknames you had in high-school. This is why we have so many pornstars like August X, Summer X or June X.

Pornstar Requirements and Tips for Women

a) For girls it all comes down to her looks. If you were born ugly, get a shitload of makeup and take some professional shots in the studio (clothed and fully naked). They will be useful for social media accounts and promos.

b) Be open minded and comfortable. You don’t have to go all in but being open and comfortable with your sexuality is a must. There will be five to ten people behind the camera. If you can’t orgasm without them watching, it is a no go. If the through of kissing a girl makes you gag, the porn industry is not for you.

c) Don’t change the name. I have seen multiple pornstars that started as y and ended up as x. You are creating a brand, pick a name and stick with it.

d) Passion is your green card. The best pornstars are those that have a lot of fun. Watch multiple porn videos and try to learn from your favorites. Why are these girls your favorite? How do they differ from other sluts? Study and apply. Smiling is also a must. Men love to see girls that are honest and are good in bed.

Pornstar Requirements and Tips for Men

a) For guys, you don’t have to have a massive dick, but it is an advantage. If you are just a random dude without anything to talk about, you are nothing. Build a character or find something unique about yourself and play with that.

b) You should be very comfortable with touching other male’s balls and not losing a boner or night’s sleep over that. This happens a lot, especially during double penetration scenes. Getting accidental cumshots on your body is also not out of the question.

c) You need to learn how to cum on demand and get hard without stimulation. If you get invited to the porn shot, this is what will happen: you will be asked to get hard in seconds without any visual stimulation. Not only that but you are expected to stay hard while talking or chit-chatting for at least 10 to 20 minutes. After the first challenge is passed, it’s game on. A random dude will tell you to cum and you will have 60 seconds to do so. After successfully passing this challenge, it’s down to 30 seconds. If you can’t do that at home while watching some disgusting porn, you can’t do that under pressure.

d) Prepare for the awkward. There are multiple bad sex positions that you will be asked to take and staying hard is key. Time is money. If you are making their jobs hard, your male pornstar career will be over before it even started.

e) Looks don’t really matter if you are good in bed. Can you fuck someone for at least 30 minutes without cumming? Practice with escorts, girlfriends or anyone.

How to Start Your Pornstar Career?

These things take time, and unless you are a 10/10 model or a guy with birth defects (like someone with two dicks), the struggle is real. You have two options:

Option #1: Webcam Modeling

This will work for couples and / or mostly female pornstars. To get some exposure, begin cam whoring. It is a simple and effective way to kickstart your career as the porn entertainer. It is only suitable for dudes if you are doing gay stuff. No straight man will look at your dick just because you want them to. There is a rather extensive guide on this very topic, so be sure to read it here.

Option #2: Amateur Porn Videos

The blessing and your ticket to fame: amateur porn. You can either go with any amateur porn sites and send them their videos, hoping for a miracle or just get a camera and go to town. For males, this is tricky as you need to keep on hiring someone to fuck or convince your girlfriend and keep on pushing that name of yours. For girls, the solo sessions will work just fine but if you expect to make anything with same shit again and again, don’t even start.

There are many sites like PornHub where you can upload your porn videos (after a minor verification) and build your name awareness. If you really want to make it, push them all on multiple free tube sites, from XVideos to unknown ones, it is free advertising.

Your Porn Promotion and Next Steps

If you have already produced a decent amount of content, start pushing it on multiple porn subreddits on reddit, create social profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.). Don’t limit yourself just to videos. Take greatest video cuts and convert them to GIFs. The most popular subs usually accept porn cuts only. You might also want to visit amateur specific sites like /r/GoneWild and expose yourself there (with a watermark).

After you get good at sex in front of a camera, swallowing and have at least a year’s worth of porn experience, pick your favorite (or most popular) video and send it to multiple porn studios. If the stars align with your lucky day, they might invite you to do a porn scene. Before sending, you must be prepared for the consequences: higher exposure means more people judging you. At this point you should tell your family about the “business” that you have been into. Also, have enough cash saved to pay for hotels and flights if necessary.

Tips for Your First Real Porn Scene

Once you have been invited to the studio, it’s all business as usual. People are mostly friendly and do feel for you. It is the first scene, with a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Don’t signup for anal (unless you are a guy that fucks bitches to the ass), you want to even out your career and build things slowly. We have seen so many potential pornstars burn out due to this very fact. They just show up ready to do anything, with anyone as their debut scene. Sorry, but at that point you have pretty much fucked up your future potential.

The audience will see it all and there is no reason for them to ever come back to you. If BDSM, anal or MMF threesome is the only option, I personally would not do it, wait it out and see if they change their minds a year or two afterwards. This is not a quick process.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your fans. If you create great content and upload it, people will follow you and demand more. If enough people share your videos, porn studios will be aware of your existence and do the rest. Thanks to social media and the power of Internet, it’s now easier than ever to get discovered, if you are good at it.